The brands we have brought to market

Case Studies

We were chosen by AuVodka, the bestselling premium vodka brand in the UK as partners and consultants for the project in Italy.
After a careful analysis of the Italian market, the launch strategy led us to position the product in the best Italian clubs, challenging competitors such as Belvedere Vodka and Grey Goose.
With Sfera Ebbasta as partner in Italy, we approached the target.
250 customer clubs and discos in the first year of launch.

We managed to create a new market and a new product category thanks to strategy and positioning for a product that was almost impossible to sell in a country like Italy.
More than 1,000,000 bottles of Aviva Wines sold in 2 years. Bestseller for 48 months in the top 3 of Amazon Italy and in the most important Italian large-scale retail chains.

Entering the world of beer. With a talent partner and project founder.
Thanks to the very American approach, we brought a breath of fresh air to Italy.
Record numbers in the first year of launch of Bombeer.

We participated in the launch and positioning of Mood Wines, the first luminous Prosecco in the World. A product that is climbing the sales charts in its category.

Thanks to our contribution, the first cases of beer branded by football teams were created (Juventus Beer, Napoli Beer and Milan Beer).