Companies & Investments

25H Holding holds the following corporate holdings:

El Original distributes products in Italy thanks to an innovative business model based on a complete outsourcing of operational and logistical processes and a directional business approach with the various outlets. Today the company exclusively distributes in Italy: Aviva Wines, Au Vodka, Juventus Beer, Milan Beer and Napoli Beer.

Proonty is a management platform with electronic invoicing, originally created as an exclusive tool for companies in which 25H participates and later made available to all entrepreneurs. Its added value is simplicity and all-in-one. The goal is to create a new community related to the world of entrepreneurship by making it easier and more accessible.

Exit Brands:

  • 25H sells the Bombeer brand and company in June 2022
  • 25H sells Mood Wines in March 2023