Why Celebrity Brand?

Influencer marketing is undergoing the beginning of a crisis that is shifting the focus to the evolution of the talent figure, giving it a different role and leading to the emergence of new figures, the content creators.
A content creator focuses entirely on creating high-quality content, whether it be photographic, video, or textual, and relying on them often saves time and money for the brand, which ends up with very beautiful and creative content ready to use. Often, these figures do not have a huge following of followers and especially are not followed as influencers, but rather because they are very creative, entertaining, or inspirational.

If before it was enough for companies to pay an influencer to have a placement of their product within their content, today it is no longer sufficient, and sometimes it can even be harmful to the brand’s image.

This natural evolution and division between influencers and content creators is leading to the creation of an even more structured form of engagement of famous personalities in the world of marketing: the creation of the celebrity brand.
The starting point is the same, that is, to exploit the baggage of fame and value references that VIPs have developed in their career and link them to the creation of a product that becomes a true and proper brand, and what the celebrity advertises becomes almost a part of their personal universe.

Product development

It is worth taking a moment to consider what it means to produce today. From placing one’s own sticker on a jar with a cute design to having one’s own product created, there are various degrees of customization, but very often that is not where the destinies of celebrity brands are played out. In Europe, it has always been very difficult for a VIP to enter the entrepreneurial world and succeed in diversifying, most often the new venture turns out to be a failure especially due to the lack of proper managerial and strategic support and a healthy business model. Multinationals and large companies have never been interested in creating a product together with a celebrity and have always limited themselves to a company-testimonial relationship, while small businesses are not open and do not have the marketing tools and skills necessary to support this type of initiative. In the USA, this trend has been present since the days of the Nike – Jordan partnership, with the creation of the Air Jordan product, up to the numerous celebrity brand operations that have been established from 2020 onwards: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Kendall Jenner, Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez, Kanye West, and many others.

It's not always successful

Of course, not all brands created by entertainment personalities are successful, the lack of proper managerial and strategic support leads many of them to buy advertising on those same platforms that made them emerge and grow, in order to maintain the flow of sales that the mere pool of followers alone can no longer satisfy. The main advantage of celebrity brands is also its principal limitation. The initial hype is almost always there, but making the success last over time requires more. It requires sustainability, transparency, authentic marketing that generates a sense of trust in the buyer, and, above all, an excellent product. Because the only undeniable truth is that consumers will return to buy a particular brand only if they like the product.

When the product enhances the influencer

The market ends where the celebrity’s area of influence ends, in most cases. The positioning was clear, or not needed, in that territory. And when you step out of the territory, you play by the market rules. Creating their own product has two types of benefits for the celebrity:
  • business diversification, having a separate activity has become almost essential for a celebrity because it allows for the creation of passive income even post-career
  • it allows to “speak” to a larger user base compared to the usual community

When the celebrity brand enhances the company

For companies, creating a new product line and a new brand is a great opportunity to achieve positioning goals at the right price:

  • the cost of a simple influencer marketing campaign no longer justifies the operation neither in terms of conversion nor image return.
  • investment in content creators does not replace celebrity marketing