We engage in product and brand creation and development together with celebrities, creators, and brands who have a desire to diversify and create new entrepreneurial projects. We build brands for a new generation of consumers.

Among the brands created and developed we have Aviva Wines, Bombeer, Mood Wines and Au Vodka.

Our full-service approach allows us to be able to manage all stages of product creation: from brand design to go-to-market.

We also put our know-how at the service of international brands that aim to position and develop their products in new markets.

Our team consists of specialized resources, covering every aspect of project development:

1. Analysis and Strategy​

Through careful data collection and analysis of the target market, we are able to identify new opportunities, new market spaces. This approach opens a safe path to brand and product innovation for ambitious companies.

2. Product Development​

We follow the birth and development of the product by trying to

  • choosing the raw material and the producer according to the pricing and positioning strategy;
  • create the design enhancing all communicative aspects, from the label to the packaging;
  • thanks to our legal team, we analyse any patents on the product and all classes of brand registration in Europe and the World with the aim of protecting the client and creating value.

3. Marketing and Public Relations

We believe in unconventional communication that uses all the necessary tools to reach the consumer directly, creating demand in the market. Thanks to our extensive network of contacts and public relations we are able to connect the brand with influencers, artists, media companies and agencies worldwide and build tailor-made campaigns.

4. Retail and Distribution

In-depth analysis of trade channels and time positioning strategy in retail outlets, from the largest large-scale retail chains to small on-trade and off-trade outlets.
We create a network of loyal Ambassadors. In a world where retailers, thanks to social media and the Internet, can be in close contact with brands, the figure of the Ambassador is indispensable for creating value in the territory.